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new guy

hi everyone, gotta do a bio post of being a new member... AGAIN

I just got into FLAW... and what can I say, they're AWESOME; lyrics, music and all. I'm 16 from Canada, and rock is the only thing I listen to. I can tell FLAW's music is going to be a something that will stick with me for a long, long time.
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welcome to the community...however, flaw has broken up :( so there probably won't be much activity anymore.
sh*t that was official? I heard a rumour but I didn't think it was true.... Oh well, I'll keep on listening to their stuff...
sadly yes*sigh* I loved Flaw from the very beginning but sadly parental restrictions kept me from going to any concerts*sigh*
Flaw has broken up, but I hope you like Chris' new band! I can send you their demo songs if you'd like. It's amazing. Micah/Ryan/Lance are looking for a new singer! <3

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