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That was possibly the best concert I've even been to.

Atom Ship wasn't that good.. They weren't really my taste. I couldn't really hear what Joey was saying, and it was their sound techie's fault. He was a weiner. :( Joey did reeeally weird shit when he was onstage. When he first came out, I thought to myself, "Wow, this guy fakes a seizure really well." LMAO Their guitarist looked COMPLETELY strung out, and chances are, he was.

Flaw was incredible. My mom and her boyfriend were embarrassing dorks who followed me everywhere, so I couldn't flirt or mosh. My mom kept pulling me away from the pits. It pissed me off. I look retarded when I'm the only one bouncing around for like.. ten feet.

At the end of their set, the drummer for Drowning Pool came out and started drumming with Micah with his hands. Micah really doesn't get enough recognition- he's really hot, and he's a hella good drummer. So go Micah! :D He has a nice body.. mmm..

So does Chris. Man, when Chris took his shirt off, it was like, "OMGGG. Sexy tattoos and muscles!" <3

I decided not to stay for Drowning Pool because a) I'm not fond of their new lead singer, b) I was (AND AM) tired, and c) I have three tests tomorrow. Before we left, my mom took me to the merch stand to buy another Flaw tank, and hilarity ensued.

The merch dude (who is very good friends with the bands) started explaining to me why the tank was so long, and then I asked him, quite bluntly, if he thought I would be flashing the world. He BURST out laughing (he was extremely drunk, mind you), and started going on about hippies and wearing a bra. When he was finished, he pointed his finger in the air and yelled, "SO WEAR A BRA!!"

It. was. awesome.

I was laughing SO hard and grinning like a complete idiot. If I ever run into him again at any future shows, I'm going to SO wear that tank and scream, "OMG, I'M THE BRA GIRL! REMEMBER ME?! THE HIPPIE?!" XD

While we were leaving, Joey from Atom Ship came up to us and started BEGGING us not to leave. He asked why we were leaving, and my mom was like, "She has three tests tomorrow."

"On what?" asked Joey.

"Algebra, biology, and spanish."

"Just remember: x equals two!!" screamed an extremely smashed Joey. lololol

We talked to Joey for like fifteen minutes, and he asked me how old I was. So I told him: fourteen. He started waving his hands around and going on about "bovine hormones". It was fucking HILARIOUS. He was so honest with us, while at the same time funny and polite. He was really emotional about this being Atom Ship and Flaw's last concert on tour with Drowning Pool. According to Joey, "We do everything together. We even wash our socks together."

Joey wished me good luck on my tests, and we said goodbye. :)

Overall: great night.
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