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In the World of Flaw today!

As most of you already know there has been rumors of Flaw breaking up.

However NOW there's rumors of saying that Flaw has not broken up, but taken a break from touring.


WHAT'S UP!!! - 10.18.2004 10:08:06 AM
Hello everyone, weve been home for a couple of weeks now hanging with our families and friends, writing new material, finalizing the DVD, and getting ready to hit the road once again. The We Salute You Tour 2004 featuring Ill Niño, Drowning Pool, Flaw, 40 Below Summer and Candiria starts on Nov. 9th and goes until Thanksgiving. Additionally, were booking 2 weeks of dates in Mexico, Central America and South America for the end of November into the first half of December. We'll soon post all the new dates in the Tour Section, so don't forget to come back and check them out.

^Taken off the Illnino webpage notice the date.

And Still no offical post on Flaw's homepage about this so called break up or even break from touring!

So I say to you, WHAT THE FUCK!

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