.x. Endangered Species .x. (twistedxkitten) wrote in thru_the_eyes,
.x. Endangered Species .x.

Alright kids, here's the news.

Despite the ILL NINO, news, according to Chris Volz's ex-wife, Flaw's tour with Ill nino, ect HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Infact, ALL CONCERTS ARE CANCELLED.

Here is the truth: Flaw is "taking a break" Until further notice, whether that be until January, Next December or forever is unknown.

But 4 guys..on a bus with each other for a FULL YEAR for 24/7...they are bound to get sick of each other. Scott, the manager said they are taking the next week or so to think about their future and that final word will be told then.

Cross your fingers guys.
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